Whether you found your way here via Twitch, or a purchase on TCGPlayer, or whether you've been a follower of Apathy House for years, welcome (and welcome back)!

Recent news, the booster club has been expanded to include several additional levels of membership to appeal to a wider audience! Want to support this site? Want to open some cool packs in the process? Head over the the booster club page and sign up! What are you waiting for?

ALSO! The Checklist Generator is back online, and can be found under the features menu! The checklist generator will give you a checklist of every printing of any given card. That's every version, from every set, in every language ever printed! Go try it out! There are still a few caveats, as there was a long downtime and a LOT of new promo cards and special sets were released. Some of these are still missing, and will take some time to add in! If you notice anything missing, don't hesitate to use the Contact link at the bottom of this page to let me know, and I'll make sure it doesn't get overlooked.

And lastly, NEW merch is available featuring my Kevin Spicy pepper logo that I use on Twitch! T-shirts, hoodies and even a beach towel can be found here.

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