Booster Club

The Apathy House Booster Club is a monthly subscription service that offers a unique opportunity to gain access to rare, hard-to-find or out-of-print Magic booster packs along with a selection of packs from the current Standard while at the same time helping support this site and keeping it operational.

Members will be sent an exclusive selection of Magic booster packs in the mail on the 1st of each month, pulled directly from the Apathy House vault. Some of these packs will always be English, while others will come in any of the 10 other languages Magic has been available in, and will consist of both current in-print, and rare out-of-print sets. Some of the packs we give out are in extremely limited supply, sometimes we have just enough to cover the current membership. Therefore, subscriptions begin on the 1st of the month AFTER the day you join.

The contents of each month's package will be revealed on the 1st of the month on Instagram and Twitter, follow @RealKevinSpicy for the latest info!

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